RyeACCESS is one of six Equity Service Centres of the Ryerson Students' Union which also include the Good Food Centre, RyePRIDE, The Centre for Women and Trans People, the RU Trans Collective, and the Racialised Students' Collective.

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Take control

As students with disabilities it is our time to reclaim our bodies and minds, take control of the services we use, and work with our allies to achieve the freedom and autonomy we deserve. This freedom comes in multiple forms including: professors and staff working with us to find creative solutions; the ability to physically access every building, classroom and office on campus; knowing that when you are experiencing a crisis that people will be there to support you in the ways you need – rather than forcing treatment; full choice and self-direction of support services such as attendants, interpreters, and interveners; and much more.

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Unlearn & Challenge Ableism

The unlearn campaign is an educational campaign within the Ryerson Students’ Union to challenge assumptions, language and stereotypes that further marginalize groups of people.

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Explore the power of community, services and numerous resources concerning this safe space.

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Ryerson Student Centre (SCC 202)
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