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Ableism 101

This is Ableism

  • Forcing students to disclose their disability in front of the class.
  • Buildings without wheelchair ramps or elevators.
  • Not getting as many employment offers as able-bodied people.
  • Believing doctors and the medical system are the experts of people with disabilities’ experiences.

Ableism is social prejudice and oppression against people with disabilities. It can manifests in many forms, from institutional barriers and policies to everyday microaggressions. Those who do not have disabilities can be referred to as able-bodied.

This is Sanism

  • Saying terms like “crazy”, “psycho”, and “insane” to insult or saying “That’s so OCD/Bipolar.”
  • Forcing therapy and treatment.
  • Believing mental disorders makes someone evil or unable to be intelligent.

Sanism is a form of ableism against individuals whose experiences aren’t considered sane or neurotypical by society.Those who do not have mental disabilities can be referred to as sane or neurotypical.

This is Audism

  • Ignoring a Deaf person in a conversation.
  • Speaking with your back turned to a Deaf person.
  • Refusing to learn sign language to communicate with a Deaf family member.

Audism is prejudice and oppression against individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Those who do not have hearing disabilities are referred to as having hearing privilege.