Drop-in Centre

RyeACCESS operates out of SCC202 in the Ryerson Student Centre at 55 Gould Street. Stop by our office to access a safer space. We also operate as a Collective, meaning that you can join our space and help direct our organisational mandate, find a social and activist support network and decompress.


Reclaiming Our Bodies & Minds

The Reclaiming Our Bodies & Minds Conference was initially hosted at Ryerson University in 2012. In 2014, student groups and campus/community activists from Ryerson University, York University, University of Toronto and George Brown College came together to imagine an inter-campus conference that brought together disability community activists, service providers, academics, and everybody in between. This is the fourth year of the Reclaiming Our Bodies & Minds Inter-University Conference.

Get involved in volunteering for small and large roles with the conference, submit a workshop proposal or just attend the conference in March! There are tons of opportunities.

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American Sign Language

RyeACCESS hosts two ten-week American Sign Language seminars a semester, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Seminars are hosted in the Ryerson Student Centre and only cost $30 plus Eventbrite processing fees. Seminars are taught by Deaf instructors from the Canadian Hearing Society. Seminars are not accredited with Ryerson University or the Canadian Hearing Society and are purely introduction for students to determine if they are interested in more formal study. Seminars are open to students, staff, & faculty! Please register online

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Or register in-person at the third floor info desk.

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Sexual Health, Menstrual & Hygiene Supplies

In collaboration with other Equity Service Centres, the Trans Collective offers a variety of sexual health, menstrual and hygiene supplies in the Equity Service Centre Lounge and our office. Many of the supplies can be found just outside SCC210 on the resource table, with a larger selection available inside the individual Centres. Supplies are available on an honour-based system with no questions asked.

Sexual Health Supplies

Condoms (traditional)
Latex and non-latex
Flavoured and non-flavoured
Insertive Condoms
Dental Dams (non-flavoured
and flavoured)
Lubricant (silicone and
Trying to conceive pregnancy tests

Reimbursement (with receipt)